My name is Amanda and like many,  I dream while I am sleeping. I am always so amazed with how creative or interesting my dreams are. I decided that I wanted to document them so that I could look back on them. I have had some dreams that were scary, some that came true, and some that just blow my mind with how off the wall they are. I hope that I can remember to put my dreams down in words but sometimes life gets busy and I neglect to write them all down. I will try my best to keep up on my dreams. If I don’t post for a while it is probably because of life taking precedence. If that happens I will do a life update hopefully it is something exciting taking up all of my time and life! If you stumble upon this blog I hope you enjoy it. I am doing this mostly for myself but I don’t mind sharing the craziness that happens while I am asleep.

Category Information:

Each dream post will likely have more than one category. Only one picture will be chosen as the main category for the post. Below are the labels that each dream could be classified under.

  • Past Family
  • Past Friends
  • Past Situations, Unrealistic
  • Past Situations, Realistic
  • Present Family
  • Present Friends
  • Present Situations, Unrealistic
  • Present Situations, Realistic
  • Future Family
  • Future Friends
  • Future Situations, Unrealistic
  • Future Situations, Realistic
  • Scary
  • Wacky
  • Life Update




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