Bikes in the shop

This dream had me waking up with a confused smile on my face. What I mean by that is that it was a pleasant dream but not something that would probably happen in real life, but it could. Here it is…

I am an adult in this dream as are all my family and friends, but I am going back to a time of my childhood. A time where my dad was still alive and my parents were still married (or at least , but I was an adult living in a life that I am currently in. The dream begins with me going to visit my dad at his auto mechanic shop. I head towards the office area and notice that the storage area is full of bikes and bike parts. These are pedal bikes, like the ones you ride for recreation, family bikes. They are not motorcycles. It looks like the storage area has become a bike shop. There is a customer perusing the bikes and parts. I smile and nod and continue to look around. My dad walks up and says hello, then heads towards the customer. Then a motherly figure in my life that I knew/know, walks up and we start a conversation. Lets call her Stacy for this dream. I was a little surprised to see her, she didn’t even know my dad. Then my mom walks up. Now I understand the connection. My mom is friends with Stacy. More confusing to me is why my mom was there. Did she bring Stacy along for support? Boy was I surprised to see my mom and dad happy to see each other, remember in real life they would have been divorced. So they were still married and I was happy to see my dad and his new bike shop.

This is all, I woke up.


A snake and a mouse

I woke up from this dream breathing rapidly and very concerned.

It starts out at my mothers house. I was inside with my mother and younger sister. We heard this odd noise like something was moving but it wasn’t something with legs? A noise like something being dragged. We are looking around and here slithers a ten foot long snake! This sucker was about 6 inches in girth and in our house! We were all very frightened and kind of freaked out. As we were screaming we realized that we needed to do one thing… get it out! So we all started figuring out a way to get it outside. Someone grabbed a broom and I flung open the door. None of us had ever had to heard a snake that large and didn’t know how it was going to react. Thankfully it slithered to the path of least resistance, which was out the door. The next thing that happened was worse. My youngest sister was outside and to our surprise, was really excited to see the snake. She screamed out in joy and ran up to cuddle it (this is definitely a dream, no chance of that ever happening in real life). I yelled in my most authoritative voice at her to stay away from the snake. She glanced over her shoulder at me and proceeded towards the snake. I yelled again, I felt like I was helpless to get her to stop and back away. Turns out, I was helpless. She Walked up to the snake, I tried one more time screaming for her to get away but she didn’t listen. The snake bit her hand and I chopped its head off with a machete. My younger sister took my youngest sister to the hospital and I took a picture of the snake and put its head in a bag and followed. After the hospital visit was over I swung by my old high school to pick up a friend, I used to pick up this friend from time to time when she was in high school in real life. In dream land she was still in high school. I also picked up two of the high school students I know from my church. We were all going to my youngest sister’s birthday party. Yes she survived the snake bite. We got near my mothers house, where the party was, and found that the whole area had been heavily wooded since yesterday and we had to park a 1/4 mile away and hike through the woods to get there. The neighbors had built this giant tree house about 70 feet up in a tree. We got to the party and said hi to my youngest sister and told her happy birthday. She said thank you and began to walk away with an old friend of ours. I asked where they were going and she said that he was taking her to some other persons party. I was confused and told her that she can’t just leave her own party. She said that she only wanted to go and say hello then she would be right back. Well, she didn’t come back and people began leaving. The male high school student I picked up went and checked out the tree fort. The friend that is not in high school anymore, but is in the dream walked away and the young high school girl went in the house. I too went in the house and found one of my old high school history teachers inside helping the female student on a project. I joined in and together we figured out the best way to hang a picture perfectly in the center of the projectors light. They left, but the weirdness and the dream did not end. In walks my middle school math teacher. He says we have to work on an assignment and plops his book on the table. It was at this time that I needed to go to the bathroom. I looked around and there was the toilet right smack in the middle of the room. So I took a breath and sat down to go. No sooner did I sit down I felt a tickle on my tush. There were baby mice running around through the seat and lid of the toilet. I jumped up and pulled my pants up as fast as I could! I hate mice!!! The babies went running after me, and running after them was the mother mouse, as big as a cat! They were chasing me, and I soon figured out why! There was a mouse in my underwear. This is the time I started to wake up. I was so scared, my heart was racing but I was petrified and couldn’t move. How do you get a mouse out of your underwear when you are frozen in fear? I pulled my pants down and to my relief the mouse jumped out and I woke up from this nightmare.

As I said before I woke up with heavy breathing and my heart racing! I was so relieved that I had woken up and there wasn’t a mouse in my pants!

Space Junk

Dream Category: Wacky

Info about dream and real life: In the country near my mom’s house (a fake dream house), I watch glowing ball from space crash land just a little down the road. I do not actually know whether this is past, present, or future time but I am going to just guess on this dream “taking place” in the past but also in the present.

My Dream: I was at my mothers house, she lives out in the country. In this dream she lived near a few large farms with very large hay fields and barns. The land surrounding was pretty flat or rolling hills style, not as mountainous as her actual house in real life. I was in my old bedroom at night watching for the moon and stars. I saw a bright blue star growing larger and larger. I was wondering if that was Jesus returning home and I got really excited!!! The blue turn to a golden color and looked like all those pictures of a man sized glow that Jesus would step out of on his return to take his believers to heaven. I was ready to go! I was so excited and on the edge of my seat waiting for Jesus to pop out of the golden circle. He did not, the circle turned back to blue and shot across the sky. It looked like something had landed. I knew it had to have landed close. In fact I could see the wreckage and fire it caused in a field just down the road, at most it was a 1/4 mile away. I put on my robe and ran to the landing spot. It was more of a crash spot and we had to put the fire out before we could see anything. Soon more farmers and neighbors came running to help. The ‘thing’ had landed very near a barn, it was in a  pen attached to the side of the barn and nobody wanted to see a good barn burn down. When the fire was out and we could get a good look at the ‘thing’ we thought it resembled something of junk art. Like someone had taken a bunch of metal objects and welded them together as a giant art piece. The bottom, in orientation to how it landed, was or looked like it was a quad (like a quad motorized vehicle for recreation). The rest looked like just large or long tubular metal objects projecting out from the bottom piece. The next day was a nice and sunny day. The ‘thing’ was still in the farmers pig pen and really did, even more in the sun light, look a bunch of metal junk welded together. As exciting as last night was we decided to stay at moms and some friends came over to have a water fight. We were shooting each other with water guns when my brother in law drove up. Up to this point I had forgotten that I was married, my husband was not in my dream until now. My husband was with my brother in law asked me to get in the car so that he could show me his new place. We drove to his house and we got the grand tour. His bed room was exactly like my childhood bedroom, down to the rips in the wall paper and everything! After the tour we drove down the road where there was his new church. They had these orange trees, or  something like an orange but definitely bigger than an orange. The fruit was the size of my head. They felt juicy so I picked one, peeled into it and took a bite. It was pretty good. As the pastor stuck his head out the door of the church my husband turned to me and said, “I don’t think you were supposed to pick that.” The pastor came toward us and he looked like he meant business. He grabbed the giant orange and asked if it tasted good. I told him that it did taste good. He took a bite and the taste must have pleased him because he gave it back and turned away to leave. He didn’t say anything about not picking them, but maybe he believed them to taste horrid and didn’t want people picking them just to throw them away.

Strange School

Dream Setting:

At a large mall for a school project.

My Dream:

I was in high school or college, I don’t know which. Several of my friends and I had a school assignment to do. They were all the same type of assignment but we had to each be unique. So I chose to do my assignment in a store in the mall. My youngest sister chose the same store as me and there were several others that chose stores in the mall near me. One of my male friends decided to do his under a large wooden porch. School project. Something happened, perhaps an earthquake or something. There was lots of commotion and everyone being evacuated/running outside. I managed to find my sister and my friends and we all headed outside. Once I knew everyone was accounted for, I am sort of a mother hen kind of gal, I was relieved. But relief didn’t last long because I then begin worrying about the people I know that were not with/near me. My first concern was my friend under the porch. I make my way to the porch to look for him but he is not there. I was glad to know that he had made it out and was not injured, although I didn’t know where he was. A little while later all the parents come looking for everyone and nobody has seen my porch friend. His mother is worried because like I said, he was not trapped under the porch. He was indeed missing! Everyone started looking for him.We spent what seemed like hours looking for him and calling people he might be with. He was found eventually, dead. We were all in shock! He was a good friend of mine and our families were all good friends. We were all so sad! He had made it out of under the collapsed porch but he did no survive whatever disaster had struck us.


Down in Mexico

Dream Setting:

Riding our bikes through Mexico with a bunch of people. It was like an organized bike ride but not a race. My dad, uncle, sisters, and some cousins were there as well as an American pastor and his son that happened to be Mexican. Then there were all the other people that signed up for the ride. The last stop we made was at a small restaurant.

My Dream:

We were all riding our bikes along the road as it began to get dark. My middle sister, I am the oldest, kept riding up to me and grabbing my handle bars so I would crash. This made me very angry with her but as soon as I would let it go, in she would swoop and do it again. Finally we made it to a small village. It was pretty much dark out now and some of the locals stopped us and questioned us. I asked them if there was a problem but they couldn’t come up with a legal issue so I told them we would be on our way. It was a real hero like thing to do, but also could have resulted in a tussle… but my standing up helped them to back down. On the other side of town we stopped to eat at this small restaurant. Apparently I had been there before because the women at the counter knew me by name. She was about my age and spoke excellent english. I ordered and helped others order. I used my credit card for my food and was surprised there weren’t any issues. I ordered french fries, potato wedges, beans and rice, and some sort of chicken. Since I was helping some of the smaller children I didn’t sit down to eat until last. When I went to the table and sat down, I noticed my chicken was gone. My youngest sister had her chicken missing too as well as someone else missing a taco. I looked around and noticed the pastor’s son was still eating. He had gotten his food first and I was pretty sure I saw him run off when he was done. What was he eating and where did he get it? He got if from my plate and others. I walked over to him and we had a conversation which eventually ended in him confessing. I went and told the lady what had happened and ordered the things that were stolen for the people and when I went to pay she told me not to worry about it. Then I walked the boy to his father, the pastor, and explained what had happened and that I had already taken care of replacing the food he had stolen. Then I went back to my seat and ate my meal that had cost – 58 pesos. That is right… negative 58 pesos? I guess that means I got a couple dollars put on my credit card for bringing a bunch of business to her restaurant? Everyone else paid normally.




Baby Crazy

Dream Setting:

I was living with a bunch of girls in this big house. Kind of like a sorority arrangement. An acquaintance I once had lived in the house and was pregnant. I also went out to visit my mother at her house.

My Dream:

I was at home hanging out with some of the girls. One of them was pregnant and went into labor. We called the ambulance and they came and picked her up and took her to the hospital. once the baby was born she returned home. It was a quick birth and she was home within 24 hours. It was about 8pm when she got home and it was already dark outside. Of course all of us girls were excited to meet the little baby and hold him. He was really cute! After all the commotion and excitement we all went to bed. In the morning the new mother asked me if I could watch her baby. I said sure. I wasn’t doing anything except going to visit my mother later in the evening. I figured It would only be a couple hours since the baby was only a day old. I was wrong. The mother left and did not mention when she would be back. After those couple hours had gone by I was beginning to wonder where she was. I figured well, whats another hour? So I just patiently waited. Finally I called her and asked her when she might be back. She said she was working and wouldn’t be back until later tonight. I asked if I could take the baby with me and visit my mother. She said that she didn’t care what I did. So I packed up the baby and went to visit my mother. We snuggled the little guy and loved on him. We fed him and took care of him, it was fun. My mother was as shocked as I was to learn that the woman didn’t really care what I did with the baby and that she left her baby with a sitter for so long at such a young age. I had the feeling that the new mother didn’t really know what to do with the child and how to care for it. She wasn’t really the baby loving type and didn’t know much about them. The new mother must have gotten off work early because she showed up at my mothers house. I handed her the baby and she awkwardly took him. She really didn’t even know how to hold him. The baby was abnormally smart for an infant and made noises that almost sounded like words and he could point too. When she picked him up he pointed at me and smiled. Not knowing what to do with him after she grabbed him, we were in conversation and her arms must have gotten tired, she sat him on a ledge. Then to my mothers horror and mine, she let go. She must have thought he could sit their on his own but being just a day old he did not have the strength to sit up on his own let alone support his own head. He fell to the ground and I rushed to pick him up and comfort him. I told her we needed to take him to the doctor to get a checked. She jumped in the car and said lay him on the seat, she was in a rush to get him to the doctor. I still had the baby and said, lets take my car I have the car seat. So we jumped in my car and off we went. It turned out that he had a fracture in his arm and that was it. We were relieved that nothing more serious had happened. It was obvious that the new mother loved her child and didn’t want any harm to come to him, she just didn’t know how to be a mother. She had never held a baby before hers and I guess her maternal instincts hadn’t kicked in. Luckily she lived with a bunch of women that loved babies and knew how to care for them.

Escape in India

Dream Setting:

I am in India, part of a community.

My Dream:

I am living in my community in India along a river. The river is not a vert big river. Maybe 15 feet wide, but at least 15 feet deep. There were some of us young teenagers that did not like the community leader. He was a very tan white man with a funny accent. He was also very tall and not thin. He was a very large and intimidating man. A few of us decided that we would try to escape so we jumped in the river. There was a cave hidden among the rocks. If you swam under the rocks you could enter the cave. We tried this approach without success. We tried another approach where we ran off and got on a ship. The community leader followed us and we had to jump overboard. We were pulled back onto the ship and the leader told us to stop running away. He said we were to perform in the community event and would do random checks on me to make sure I wasn’t trying to run away. He must have been a pervert because he would some how always check on me when I was changing and then watch me until I was done. He kept saying that it was so he knew what I was wearing and what I was changing into so I couldn’t slip away. I felt violated and trapped. He brought us back and paired me with a dance partner. My dance partner was several years younger than me and easy to trick. I tried one last time to escape and this time I succeeded. I ran into the hills and found my sister searching for a friend. Together we found a man that knew a song we knew. So we sang it together. It is a country song, Fiddle In The Band by Alabama. After we sang that song together and felt connected my sister followed a lady on a bicycle. The lady could ride straight up hills! My sister finally caught up to her and asked her how she did it. The lady just said she has always done it, if you want to do it you will make it happen. We liked the mountain community we found, away from the creepy leader I once had. The atmosphere was so joyful and bright and pleasant. The grass was greener the trees were healthier and the people were happier.

Gymnastics Disaster

Dream Setting:

The gymnastics center I coached at in high school and college. Ended with my at my house.

My Dream:

I was watching gymnastics practice at the old gym I used to coach at. The head coach and owner saw me and got really angry. He started screaming at me and yelling for me to get out! I ran around to the back where the beams were and the back door. I hid under the stairs. Under the stairs were a bunch of soapy bubbles. It was like a bubble bath of all bubbles. Chin high! Some of my friends that were part of the gymnastics world, one was even a coach, were playing with the bubbles. We all hid in the bubbles. While we were hiding my 2 friends turned into wooden Christmas trees. They were about 2 1/2 feet tall. I grabbed the Christmas trees and ran downstairs. I didn’t know what to do with them so I just left them downstairs at the front desk. I went to my house or rather my mothers house. After I got home I noticed that there was a message for me on facebook. It was from one of my friends that turned into a Christmas tree. He told me that he noticed how stressed I looked and how worried I was and wanted to offer me a free massage. He is licensed. Since I was already home I told him how nice it was of him to offer but I didn’t want to drive all the way back. Then I remembered that my husband had been wanting to learn more about massage so I asked him if he would be willing to give him a few pointers sometime. My friend agreed to help him out.

Shots, Guys, Chickens and a missing Duck

Dream Setting:

My family and I were walking along some old train tracks that had been converted to a walking path. It was just before dusk. Later my dream shifts to my mothers house.

My Dream:

My family, my mom, my 2 sisters, and myself, were out on a walk. We chose a path that used to be train tracks but they converted it. It was getting dusk on a warm summer night. Lots of people walk on this trail but we hadn’t seen many people on this trip. We were on our way back, maybe half way to our car, and we saw a man walking towards us. He walked up to us and before we knew it he had a gun out and was shooting! In the commotion I notice that someone got hit in the stomach and another person in the leg. Then, thoomp. I was hit in the back of my head. I felt the life drain out of me. I was dead. My a miracle I came back to life. I stood up and assessed the situation. My dream flashes forwards and we are all in my mother’s house. I was cleaning out a junk drawer and noticed the front door open. In walks a random young man that I don’t know. He was in his early 20’s. He walked in and through the house, straight to my mother’s bedroom. Then another guy walked in and straight to my mother’s bedroom. I tried to ask them what they wanted but they just told me to mind my own business and pushed me aside. Apparently they were good friends with my mother and she was really happy to see them. Outside it is night time. There is a small shed/barn and a chicken and duck coop. There was a large enclosed chicken yard on the south side of the chicken coop. There were white Christmas lights strung through the top of the chicken wire over the chicken yard. One of the ducks had ducklings and had gotten separated from them in the barn. We had to go into the barn, in the dark, and search for the mother duck.


Traveling back…

Dream Setting:

15 years ago at my dads mechanic shop my sister and other kids I knew were children. I was an adult.

My Dream:

I was at my dads mechanic shop (he was self employed). I saw my youngest sister. She was about 4 years old. She was having some friends come over, 12 of them. All around her age. If I was a kid in this dream I would be about 8 years old which is how old my best friend at the time was. She was 8 and was 23. My dad came out from his shop and had a big box. He had the pieces for a trampoline. He put the box down and walked back into his shop. My other sister, about 2 years younger than me, is 6 years old. She tried to take the pieces out of the box and assemble them by herself. She failed and mixed up all the pieces. As I look around I see all these toddlers running around. Some had brought their own candy bars and they were stuffing their faces. Some were running around the pieces of the trampoline begging for it to be put together. The trampoline quickly grew grass and moss from its pieces which made the pieces quite soft. It was evident that the trampoline was not going to be put together any time soon, despite the toddlers urging. Then my dad ran out again wanting to show me what he had found in the back. At sometime and without anyone knowing there were giant pillars erected just next to his property. They were building a huge freeway over the town. The pillars were about 5o feet tall and about 15-20 feet in diameter. We looked at the neighbors pasture, right behind his property, to find a horse with legs that were 6 feet long. The horses head stood 15 feet tall!