Asian Take Over

My dream started out with me being a super hero. I had some similar powers to Super Girl, minus the shooting laser eye thing. I was in the middle of fighting a bad guy when I was hit in the back of the neck with something that merged with my flesh. It was about the size of a thick cookie and it disabled my powers. Then the Asians took over. All the those in the town were forced to work for them as slaves. We all had to wear gray jump suits like in prison. We were not allowed outside, we just walked down these long underground hallways to get places, like where we showered and slept and the mess hall, and the fields where we worked outside of town. The underground halls had the main passage and then on both sides here was a 4 foot ledge you could walk on. You only walked on that if you were forced to. It wasn’t very safe, there was a painted line on the ledge that you had to stay on but there were often pieces of the wall in disrepair so you had to be careful. You didn’t want the floor to give way because you would fall in. The Asians were growing some fort of tree crop that we would sometimes be allowed to go out and work in. One time I got chased by a dog and had to take shelter in the hallway. Where we slept was also the same place we showered and used the toilet. Just a large room per 15 people with open showers and toilets. When we were all going back to our “rooms” I noticed that my youngest sister was not back. I looked around and she wasn’t in our sleeping room. Everyone was being shacked except me. I was worried so I over powered the guard and stole a doctors uniform. I sneaked up the hall and into the common area where I opened the door to go outside. Of course they noticed and yelled to shut the door and stay inside. I bolted out the door and followed the wall of the hall, apparently it wasn’t underground. There was a narrow path between the wall and the sea that I followed and eventually found my sister out on a work line. Somehow I got her and started walking back to the common doors… I guess we were going to go back to the sleeping area, not much for escaping and running off. On the way back I saw my mom floating in the sea on a big floaty toy. I yelled to her to get over here and lets go. She refused, she wanted to swim with some kid named Micheal. I said again for her to go and she replied in a very child like and winy voice, “but I want to swim with Michael”. An guard noticed and started swimming out to her, now i’d had it. I pulled my bow and arrow into position and released. Her floaty was now popped so she came ashore. We all walked back into the barracks together. Later I was in the commons area where we eat and noticed that something was going on outside. We must have been under attack. I slipped into the back corner and out a window. I had escaped. But now what to do?

This is the end of my dream.