Space Junk

Dream Category: Wacky

Info about dream and real life: In the country near my mom’s house (a fake dream house), I watch glowing ball from space crash land just a little down the road. I do not actually know whether this is past, present, or future time but I am going to just guess on this dream “taking place” in the past but also in the present.

My Dream: I was at my mothers house, she lives out in the country. In this dream she lived near a few large farms with very large hay fields and barns. The land surrounding was pretty flat or rolling hills style, not as mountainous as her actual house in real life. I was in my old bedroom at night watching for the moon and stars. I saw a bright blue star growing larger and larger. I was wondering if that was Jesus returning home and I got really excited!!! The blue turn to a golden color and looked like all those pictures of a man sized glow that Jesus would step out of on his return to take his believers to heaven. I was ready to go! I was so excited and on the edge of my seat waiting for Jesus to pop out of the golden circle. He did not, the circle turned back to blue and shot across the sky. It looked like something had landed. I knew it had to have landed close. In fact I could see the wreckage and fire it caused in a field just down the road, at most it was a 1/4 mile away. I put on my robe and ran to the landing spot. It was more of a crash spot and we had to put the fire out before we could see anything. Soon more farmers and neighbors came running to help. The ‘thing’ had landed very near a barn, it was in a  pen attached to the side of the barn and nobody wanted to see a good barn burn down. When the fire was out and we could get a good look at the ‘thing’ we thought it resembled something of junk art. Like someone had taken a bunch of metal objects and welded them together as a giant art piece. The bottom, in orientation to how it landed, was or looked like it was a quad (like a quad motorized vehicle for recreation). The rest looked like just large or long tubular metal objects projecting out from the bottom piece. The next day was a nice and sunny day. The ‘thing’ was still in the farmers pig pen and really did, even more in the sun light, look a bunch of metal junk welded together. As exciting as last night was we decided to stay at moms and some friends came over to have a water fight. We were shooting each other with water guns when my brother in law drove up. Up to this point I had forgotten that I was married, my husband was not in my dream until now. My husband was with my brother in law asked me to get in the car so that he could show me his new place. We drove to his house and we got the grand tour. His bed room was exactly like my childhood bedroom, down to the rips in the wall paper and everything! After the tour we drove down the road where there was his new church. They had these orange trees, or  something like an orange but definitely bigger than an orange. The fruit was the size of my head. They felt juicy so I picked one, peeled into it and took a bite. It was pretty good. As the pastor stuck his head out the door of the church my husband turned to me and said, “I don’t think you were supposed to pick that.” The pastor came toward us and he looked like he meant business. He grabbed the giant orange and asked if it tasted good. I told him that it did taste good. He took a bite and the taste must have pleased him because he gave it back and turned away to leave. He didn’t say anything about not picking them, but maybe he believed them to taste horrid and didn’t want people picking them just to throw them away.


Left out.

Dream Setting:

Shopping in a department store with one of my best friends.

My Dream:

My friend and I needed some girl time so we decided to go shopping. I needed a dress pattern specifically. We ended up going to this all in one stop shop that is not walmart. Maybe a mom and pop style shop. We grabbed a cart and were walking around seeing what was in the store. During our shopping trip we get to catch up about the things going on in our lives. My friends big thing was that she was pregnant! (This particular friend is trying not to get pregnant in real life. Her and her husband are wanting to wait a few more years.) As we were walking through the store we found a pattern for the dress I wanted and then went to place the pattern in the cart. When I reached down I saw a baby. The baby she was pregnant with. The baby was in the cart, we must have been shopping for a good 7 months because my friend was no more than 3 months along when she told me and this baby was a full term baby. I was shocked and said, “you had your baby!” and she agreed and told me the name. She had named it the same name as my other friends baby. My two best friends now have babies that are named the same thing. The next thing I remember in the dream was mentioning that this Christmas would be his first! Then I thought of how left out I was. The only one without a baby and I actually wanted a baby. I was jealous that my friend that didn’t want a baby for another handful of years had a baby and I, the one that wanted a baby but couldn’t have one yet, didn’t have a baby. We left the store, her with her new baby and me without one. A friend from church picked me up and I went to help him with some thing at his house that apparently only girls know how to do. Like sewing something he ripped or something of that nature. When I got out of his car the neighbor told me to put on socks because the whole street was having a foot fungus problem. I had some socks in my purse that I put on. We went inside and he showed me his problem and I went to the bathroom. When I came out my socks had disappeared and another friend from church was there. We worked on the project and then they took me home. It was a beautiful sunny day.

The Break In

Dream Setting:

I was renting a house, my sisters and mother lived with me.

My dream:

It was night time, I had gone to bed. My family was not home. I was home alone. It must have been after midnight when I hear a knock on the door. A girls worst nightmare, to be caught in her skivvy’s in the middle of the night, alone. I grab a robe and my hand gun and cautiously answer the door. It is a man demanding to come in this is his apartment. I pull out the gun and tell him he is not coming in, I rent this apartment and he can talk to the landlord. I meant business. He tries to push through but I lift that gun and aim right at him and tell him to leave. I shut and lock the door I assume he leaves. I walk through the house and up the stairs back to my room. He is standing on the landing just down the hall. He says, “do you really think you can lock me out of my own house?” I lift my gun again and remind him that I mean business. I don’t miss. Last chance to get out unscathed. He runs into the laundry room and disappears. Now what do I do. I can’t let my guard down he is somewhere in this house and he could be dangerous. My family starts to return home this makes me feel better but worse at the same time. Before it was only me at stake now even though I am not alone, my family could get hurt too. I fill them in and we begin cautiously searching. He can’t hide forever. My sister and I took upstairs and my my and other sister took the down stairs. We catch him upstairs and tie his hands together. But he tells us to look down stairs. On the bottom floor my mother and sister are tied up head first in a kiddy pool. I tell my sister to watch him and I rush down there to try and save them! I pull them out and check for pulses. I have to try and do CPR on them both at the same time. I decided the best I can do is try alternating compression’s and yell for my sister to call 911. My mother comes out of it first and I roll her over and turn my full attention to my youngest sister. She too comes back, praise the Lord! Meanwhile upstairs my sister is taking on this monster alone. She has to use her child hood tai kwon do on him when he tries to escape. He does succeed in escaping and we are on the hunt again. This time we all stay together. (Apparently there are tunnels in the laundry room walls that go throughout the house.) My dream flashes forward, we have been overtaken by him and his family, stuck to live in the same house and do as they wish. We are in a sense enslaved, but they don’t make us do everything for them. We just don’t have any freedom to come and go as we please. Sometimes they use their demanding presence to order us about, “like come to the store with me, or walk with me around the corn field.” In time we grow to accept our new life. Flash forward a year or so, the demands to go walking or spend time with them are more like requests. Eventually I begin to enjoy the walks and one day the man that invaded my home and tried to kill my family asks me to marry him. I am excited to say yes!

This is where I woke up.

After thought – Disclaimer:

Do I feel trapped in some aspect of my life or something? This dream was crazy long and shows how quickly you can adapt to your surroundings without even realizing it. I can’t imagine this being a real life scenario. Just to make sure that everyone knows. I am NOT in any sort of bad situation. I have an amazing life with my husband, he is one of the BEST! I actually don’t know if I could find a better husband for me.

Unknown Flight Service Company

Dream Setting:

Purchased a super cheap flight with a company I had never heard of.

My Dream:

I entered the jet way to board the plane with my husband and one of my sisters with me. A friend and her baby were also flying with us but we didn’t have seats together. At the door of the plane I noticed that there were no flight attendants. We boarded and looked around the cabin. It was a very unusual set up. It was round and the seats were in rows without isles. If you can imagine a circle with guidelines inside for writing. In the center of the cabin was a staircase going down to another level. My friend and her child had seats down there. We thought there was an entire other level of seating but it turned out that was where the flight attendants sat and where they kept supplies and such. Oh we found out once we boarded and sat down that there were flight attendants they just dressed in everyday clothing, they did not where distinguishing suits. This was a small plane only about 15 passenger seats. We were sat in the back, behind the stairwell. We could see the flight attendants going up and down. Take off was so smooth that we didn’t even know we had. My sister had to use the restroom and asked the flight attendant where it was. Downstairs of course as we assumed. I thought this is perfect she can check on our friend and baby. They were the only two seated below. She went down and relieved herself and when she returned she said that she did not see our friend or her baby. I asked the attendant if they had multiple bathrooms or levels. She said that they had the one bathroom and another level for luggage. On a plane so small they didn’t really need other bathrooms so where did my friend and her baby go? Once the attendant realized that we noticed the missing people the flight turned into a panic. We were flying with aliens. They always take two passengers extra than allowed and stick them below. This is their abduction technique. Of course the “plane” was round we were in a saucer! Were our friends dead or could we rescue them? We ran below and started searching. The search would be in vain we were all aboard an alien craft, they took our friends and now we know we are in their saucer they can’t let us live anyways. We were doomed.

And that was the end of the dream.

Slumber Party

Dream Setting/Background:

My best friends house. My best friend is married and has a baby. I am also married, no babies yet. We used to live together in college, and before we lived together I spent most of my time at her house. We had slumber parties ALL the time. Now that we are both married and live in separate states, we do not get the same amount of slumber parties to say the least.

My Dream:

My best friend and I wanted to have a slumber party. Her husband took their son away for us to have slumber party. He said he would be back in the morning and for us to have fun. Being the old ladies that we are now (about 25 years old) we pretty much just went right to sleep. We slept on the floor for some reason, guess we were too tired to make it to the couch or bed. I woke up and she was on her side smiling at me. The sun was up and shining brightly through the window. She looked really happy. I said, “good morning, how did you sleep?” To which she said, I didn’t. But she was asleep when I fell asleep? I was like, “oh, I am sorry. I thought you fell asleep too.” She had fallen asleep for a little while but had some exciting things happen during the night. She told me about her night and how it went. First she fell asleep for a couple of hours but was awakened by contractions. You see she had given birth by herself that night and I slept through the whole thing. The most interesting part of my dream is that she was not pregnant or did not know she was pregnant. It was a surprise to her as much as to me that she gave birth to not one, but two babies. Theses two babies were not twins either. One baby was almost to term and the other baby was just about a month or two premature. Both healthy and apparently ready to come out. The babies were sleeping in her first Born’s crib. Her firstborn son is about 10 months old in this dream. As she picked them up to show me her husband and son came home. He was confused to see two newborn babies and then shocked to learn that they were his! He looked at me in confusion and almost disgust as she told him the story. He looked as if he blamed me for what happened during the night. I laughed and told him that he couldn’t blame me, I didn’t get her pregnant. He did! Then I left, they obviously had lots on their hands to deal with… surprise pregnancy and births, two brand new babies, and a 10 month old crawling around trying to walk!

Dream reflection:

My youngest sister, now 21, had a friend give birth last year. She did not know she was pregnant at all and went to the hospital for severe stomach pains, AKA contractions. You hear about these kinds of stories but never believe them. My own mother saw this young lady the day before she gave birth and claims that she did not look pregnant at all!! She had a healthy baby almost to full term. It really happens sometimes.



Dream Setting:

At my mothers house in the country and then on to town to find the police.

My Dream:

I was at my mothers house and we kept hearing a pack of wolves. They were really loud and numerous. They were right in our back yard it seemed. We noticed a man walking down the road wearing all white. My mother lives pretty far into the country so it is very unusual to see someone walking down the road unless they are in need of help. So he passes the house and doesn’t even look in the that direction. He just keeps on walking. After  my mother assumed he was gone we all walked out to the street to look down it, to see how far he went. He had gone only a couple hundred feet. We saw him strapped to a chair on the opposite side of the road, facing our second driveway. The driveway that leads into our back yard. Of course we were shocked and confused. We approached and asked him if he was alright. He told us that he was perfectly fine, but he would appreciate our help. He asked us to go into the house and bring out anything sharp, and hard, something we would use for protection. He told us to each bring two things and some for him and return just before dusk. He was waiting as bait for the wolves and he wanted us to help wack and attack them. I guess he wasn’t tightly tied to the chair because when he wolves came he was easily able to slither out of his bonds (I wonder what he would have done without our help, he had no weapon). So just after dusk the wolves came crawling out of the woods. They took the bait. As they were approaching something crazy happened! They turned into human forms!!! They were much slower than healthy humans should be so we assumed they were zombie like werewolves. That is the best we could come up with. We started out battle and “fought” until my broom stick failed me. I yelled “retreat” and we all ran back toward the house. We needed something better than brooms and shovels. I thought we were only going to try and shoo the wolves away, scare them into moving on. Turned out that we needed to eliminate them. We all got back in the house, even the stranger and looked for knives and machete’s and guns. We headed back outside and we found 5 different ‘families’ of these werewolf/zombies. We wondered if any of them were friendly so we would ask them before we slashed them. There were so many of them that we once again had to retreat to the house, this time for our safety. They were swarming and ripping the house apart. The back door was especially difficult to defend and as we tried to run in and slam it they got their arms in and we could not shut it. One zombie female got it and said that she was a friendly but sacrificed coming in because she knew that if she didn’t she would be left to die on her own for not being like the others. She asked me to slit her throat, I tried but had bad aim and just got her forehead and eyes. I don’t think zombies feel pain… We were surrounded. They were coming in the back and the front doors and knocking on windows. We had to get out of there. There was a little boy with us about 10 years old. My two sisters were home but my mother had left for work. My younger sister ran out and got in her car and escaped. It was now just me, my youngest  sister, this little boy, and the stranger. I told my sister to run and get in the jeep, she said would but she would not drive it. It was a stick shift. I turned to follow her and noticed the little boy had been snatched up. I had to rescue him. I came in slashing and grabbed the boy and ran. The zombies were on our heals the whole time. I yelled for my sister open the jeep door as we approached and I threw the boy in. The stranger jumped in the other side and I in the driver side. I tore out of there as we knocked over and ran over some zombies. My plan was to find the police station and tell them what was going on. We needed the national guard or something! I drove right into the police station, one of the bay doors was opened. At first they wanted to be on the defense but I yelled, “we need your help. We need your help!” They relaxed and we all jumped out. Out came with us our dog, we didn’t even notice him and had totally forgotten about him. The dog started barking at the little boy, who had green spiky hair. At once the green spiky hair jumped off his head and turned into a small child zombie. The cops were surprised, as were we. The zombie ran into a large pipe thing and into the sewer. We all chased after it. We ended up coming out pretty dry and we got the zombie so we felt triumphant. We explained what was going on to the police and showed them the zombie. It was in their hands now. We got back in the jeep and called my other sister to make sure she got away ok. As I was on the phone the stranger noticed some odd behavior about our dog. It turns out that the dog had gotten scratched or something and had robot like buttons on his belly. If we cranked his leg it made a noise similar to a slot machine at a casino and his buttons would light up. My sister was ok. We all made it out alive, and we had a new robot dog.


Unhelpful Officer’s

Dream Setting:

Traveling down a country highway.

My Dream:

I was traveling down the road and came to a road blockage. There were about 3 cars ahead of me, one of them was my youngest sister. It was dark out, could have been early in the morning or just after dark in the evening. I don’t know the time. I get out of the car to investigate and find a carpet roll is blocking both directions, as if it were a tree that had fallen across the roadway. The roll of carpet was at least 6 feet tall, that is 6 feet in diameter, and as long as is a two lane highway. The cars in front of me including my sister were discussing how to get around it if possible. Or try to push it out of the way. My sister did get around it and the other two cars decided to try and push it, with no luck. By now there are several more cars stuck on both sides than before, one of them driven by a friend of mine. We had donuts in the car that were meant for sharing at our destination, wherever that was. Eventually 3 police officers show up. They look at the situation and then just stand on the side of the road watching. I walked up to them to ask them what was going to be done about the issue. They wouldn’t even let me finish asking my question, they began telling me that it was none of my business and that I needed to get back in my car. They gave tickets to those that tried to get around it or move it, including a ticket to my sister. I again walked up and tried to talk to them. I tried asking them what the tickets were for, but again I was rudely interrupted and yelled at. I was told that they were not going to talk to me and that I shouldn’t be asking any questions. If I bothered them again I was going to get a ticket myself. I simply asked, what would the ticket be for? We got in this heated discussion about what they legally could or could not ticket me for and I reminded them that they are public servants and are supposed to keep the peace! I asked them all their names so that I could be sure to contact their chief and have a discussion about what happened. I also had several witnesses to the situation. I did call the chief and had the discussion on my way to town after we got passed the carpet roll.




Night Time Chase

Dream Setting:

In one of the towns near my child hood home. It was after dark.

My Dream:

My sisters and I were hanging out. My middle sister drives a jeep and the top was down. I am the oldest, she is the middle and then there is the youngest sister. The middle seems to be the one that causes the most trouble in my dreams… and probably in real life too. You know what they say about middle children… Anyways, my middle sister had found this small monkey running around and decided to capture it. The monkey immediately liked her and they were fast friends. The monkey rode on her back and sometimes buckled into her jeep. After what seems like a few hours in dream land, which was probably like 2 seconds in real life, we met up and I got to meet the monkey. As I was making my acquaintance, this giant gorilla, like the size of a tiny home, comes barrelling down the street. Where did this giant gorilla come from? It was heading straight for us. We jump into the jeep and race off thinking we had escaped. Then the gorilla appeared on our left! We tried to hit the gas but could go nowhere. The gorilla had got to the jeep and grabbed it by the roll cage. We had just enough time to slip out of the jeep and run on foot down the road. We saw a giant tree and began climbing. The gorilla was swinging his long arms at us, trying to grab us. We jumped in a building window and ran to the other side and out the door. Of course, this is a dream and the gorilla probably had heat sensitive eyesight or something because as we ran outside we saw the gorilla hot on our trail. We spotted a motorcycle not for away and jumped on it. The key was in the ignition and we zoomed off leaving the gorilla in the dust. We were finally safe.

Twin Madness

Dream Setting:

My mothers house before heading to visit my grandparents, over the river and through the woods and over the mountains too.

My Dream:

My mother who has three adult children and no desire for any more, had a freak pregnancy that produced twins. These infants were both boys and born premature. They were really tiny… and one was even smaller than the other. Kind of like a runt situation. I was really excited to meet them so I drove up to mothers house a couple days before our trip to grandma’s. I was surprised at how tiny they really were, I knew they were preemie’s but I was still shocked. My mother had to work so my sisters were babysitting. They decided to go to town and were loading the car when I pulled up. Of course we spent some time catching up and I wanted to meet my brothers so I looked in the car and they were laying in a cardboard shoe box! Where were the car seats?  I scolded my sisters for not using car seats and they fought back. “They are fine in the shoe boxes, mom doesn’t mind.” one said. “Who do you think you are to come here and tell us what to do? You don’t live here anymore.” said another. We bickered back and forth with no resolution. They apparently had decided they had enough from me and marched into the house to call our mother. I was sure my mother wouldn’t let her sons ride in the car with no car seats. To my surprise my mother didn’t care one bit about the car seat situation. As I packed the boys into the house alone, my sisters just left them in the car, my mother pulled up. I was happy to see my mother but I was not happy about the way they were treating the new babies. So my mother told me to back off about the car seats and I came full force down in argument about the safety of infants in the car. We were in a pretty heated discussion and it ended with me asking her if I bought them the proper car seats if she would use them. She said she didn’t know.

After everyone calmed down, except there was no way I was letting this go  but for the moment, we went inside and tried to be civilized. My youngest sister had a white coat that was soaked and hanging behind the wood stove to dry. It started to smoke and then flame burst out the sleeve. I started hitting it and smashing the sleeve to starve the flame. I stopped the fire but some areas of her sleeve started turning blue. There was nothing I could do. The next morning we were heading over the mountains to visit our grandparents, without car seats! My middle sister had planned to go hiking with a friend she used to like, now she despises him, on the way over. So they were going to leave really early in the morning and go hiking and meet us at our grandparents in the afternoon, probably not long after the rest of us show up. That night at my grandparents my husband and I were heading off to the camper for bed and I saw my middle sister unrolling my sleeping bag. It looked like my sleeping bag at least. I asked her if she stole my sleeping bag and she was adamant that she had not. I did find my sleeping bag elsewhere and felt a little silly for accusing her of stealing my sleeping bag, mine was black and hers turned out to be blue.



Landlords Gone Crazy

Dream Setting:

My basement apartment which is different than my real life basement apartment. The landlords house was 5 times bigger than it is in real life.

My Dream:

My husband and I rent a basement apartment from the landlord upstairs. We noticed the landlord began fixing things up all of a sudden. We thought it was odd and wondered what he was up to. We thought he might be getting ready to put his house on the market to sell. We were wrong. He was going to increase the amount of rental space. Besides us in the basement he had 3 other rooms and another suite, all in the basement. His house was huge upstairs too! It was one sunny day when all these people started flooding in. First the suited up with a family of 5, then one bedroom had an elderly couple, and another had a couple college girls. Which is fine, the landlord can rent out whatever part of his home as he likes. Then he came to my room. He asked me if he can rent out another bed in my room. I immediately said no, we don’t have much space as it is and we need our privacy. He tried to argue and persuade me to change my mind, but I really wasn’t willing to cram another bed in my room, especially filled with strangers. He huffed off and went to working on his pool. It wasn’t before too long that his daughters came in and were sad. They are pretty young probably under 10 years old. The were snuggling up to me and asking if I had to leave. I told them that I wasn’t planning on leaving if I don’t have to. Then I reassured them that everything was going to be fine and they even had some new friends to make in the family at the other end of the hall. They were a bit more joyful after that but the landlord, their father, came in and demanded they leave at once. They scurried off and he followed them. Alone in my apartment I decided to take a shower. When I went into what used to be the bathroom I realized that all that banging and racket was my landlord removing my bathroom. Now there was a door to the open garage instead of the shower. I was confused. The landlord was in the garage and I asked him where the bathroom went? He told me to use the other one like all the rest of the new tenants. I had to walk through someones bedroom to get to the bathroom and he had someone renting out the bathroom. He was sleeping in a cot next to the tub/shower. How was anyone supposed to use the bathroom in private when there is a man sleeping in it? When I returned to my room there was an new bed next to mine with 4 people in it! He had done it without my permission, he had rented another bed in my room. I had a rental agreement and I was gonna look at it. Meanwhile I needed those people out. I told them to get out but they would not. I started yelling for them to get out and physically grabbing their arms to try to pull them out the door. Finally I got them out but some how the landlord got in. Now I had to deal with him. I told him he had no right to put another bed in my room and rent it out we had a contract, a deal. He handed me a notice. I had to leave. I asked him why and he told me that the other people were more nice than me. That wasn’t a good enough reason to kick someone out of their home in my opinion but what could I do? I asked him if it was actually about me not wanting other people in my space and he confirmed that was the real reason. I asked him how long I had to find another place and he said just do it as soon as you can! At least I had time to search for a new place. He left and the others sneaked in again… This time I realized I was not going to be able to keep them out, they had keys. So I laid some ground rules. This is my space until I leave, there will be a curtain and it will not be breached, they were not to have sex while anyone else was home, and they were to be quiet. I figured that since there were 4 people sharing a bed that the sex rule would not be an issue, but then one of the girls spoke out, “but I ‘get some’ after every date…” I told her that she would have to stop that habit for the time being. I went back out side I guess to get some privacy, and I found my mother walking up the driveway.  What a lovely surprise. I welcomed her into my home and found that my kitchen had also been swallowed by the garage and I had a camping tent kitchen instead. How thoughtful of the crazy landlord to provide me with such wonderful replacements… NOT! My mother and I went in the ‘kitchen’ for some tea and the landlord knocked it and us over!!! I was so mad, I yelled at him to get out and how dare he do such a thing especially with my mother inside! He was rude and harsh and completely crazy! I chased him out and his daughters started throwing fertilizer and rose bushes on his head. I told my mother what was going on and said that I better move sooner rather than later. I told my landlord that if he does or tries to do something like that again, I would call the police because that is cruel and dangerous and not how you treat someone. I asked my mother what she was doing all the way down in my town, she lives about 2 hours away. She told me she was going on a date. She was wearing a beautiful bright spring flowery dress, it was orange, pink, and yellow.

The end.

Personal Facts:

My actual landlord is very calm and quiet. My mother does NOT date…

That picture is of me standing in front of one of my basement apartments. I have lived in more than one… My husband prefers them to all the other options to rent… I guess because they are cheaper?