The Break In

Dream Setting:

I was renting a house, my sisters and mother lived with me.

My dream:

It was night time, I had gone to bed. My family was not home. I was home alone. It must have been after midnight when I hear a knock on the door. A girls worst nightmare, to be caught in her skivvy’s in the middle of the night, alone. I grab a robe and my hand gun and cautiously answer the door. It is a man demanding to come in this is his apartment. I pull out the gun and tell him he is not coming in, I rent this apartment and he can talk to the landlord. I meant business. He tries to push through but I lift that gun and aim right at him and tell him to leave. I shut and lock the door I assume he leaves. I walk through the house and up the stairs back to my room. He is standing on the landing just down the hall. He says, “do you really think you can lock me out of my own house?” I lift my gun again and remind him that I mean business. I don’t miss. Last chance to get out unscathed. He runs into the laundry room and disappears. Now what do I do. I can’t let my guard down he is somewhere in this house and he could be dangerous. My family starts to return home this makes me feel better but worse at the same time. Before it was only me at stake now even though I am not alone, my family could get hurt too. I fill them in and we begin cautiously searching. He can’t hide forever. My sister and I took upstairs and my my and other sister took the down stairs. We catch him upstairs and tie his hands together. But he tells us to look down stairs. On the bottom floor my mother and sister are tied up head first in a kiddy pool. I tell my sister to watch him and I rush down there to try and save them! I pull them out and check for pulses. I have to try and do CPR on them both at the same time. I decided the best I can do is try alternating compression’s and yell for my sister to call 911. My mother comes out of it first and I roll her over and turn my full attention to my youngest sister. She too comes back, praise the Lord! Meanwhile upstairs my sister is taking on this monster alone. She has to use her child hood tai kwon do on him when he tries to escape. He does succeed in escaping and we are on the hunt again. This time we all stay together. (Apparently there are tunnels in the laundry room walls that go throughout the house.) My dream flashes forward, we have been overtaken by him and his family, stuck to live in the same house and do as they wish. We are in a sense enslaved, but they don’t make us do everything for them. We just don’t have any freedom to come and go as we please. Sometimes they use their demanding presence to order us about, “like come to the store with me, or walk with me around the corn field.” In time we grow to accept our new life. Flash forward a year or so, the demands to go walking or spend time with them are more like requests. Eventually I begin to enjoy the walks and one day the man that invaded my home and tried to kill my family asks me to marry him. I am excited to say yes!

This is where I woke up.

After thought – Disclaimer:

Do I feel trapped in some aspect of my life or something? This dream was crazy long and shows how quickly you can adapt to your surroundings without even realizing it. I can’t imagine this being a real life scenario. Just to make sure that everyone knows. I am NOT in any sort of bad situation. I have an amazing life with my husband, he is one of the BEST! I actually don’t know if I could find a better husband for me.


Sleep Over

Real Life Connections:

My husband and I have a few really close couples in our lives. We are planning to take a long weekend this summer and camp together.

Dream Setting:

Two of our close couple friends and us rented a vacation house.

My Dream:

We were all at a rented vacation home somewhere near the Colombia river, maybe near Longview. My dream begins at night when we are all ready to hit the hay. The problem is we didn’t research the sleeping accommodations and  the house was much smaller than we thought it would be. We all found odd places to sleep some on the floor some on the couch and some crammed in the one bed. I think I ended up sleeping on the floor at the foot of the bed. We all had different departure times in the morning so we were all ready and packed to leave. My husband and I were going to be the second ones to leave. In the morning I woke up and thought I was naked and freaked out because there were others sleeping around me. It was a nightmare in a dream. Because of the nightmare I woke up early. I got to send off the first couple leaving. I learned that it had been really stormy last night and that all the roads leading to my house had gotten damaged and washed out. I freaked out and did some quick research on ANY way home. I found an abandoned rail road that had a support bridge over a stream that was still up. I ditched my husband, he was still sleeping and headed off on a bicycle I found. I peddled across the bridge and made it to the rail way. I crossed over the stream and I was home free. Many other people were trying to get home using this method, others on bicycles and in cars. I was having conversation with this one fellow on another bicycle and he asked me where I was going.Although it had been storming all night, it was really sunny right now. I told him I was staying with my husband and some friends in a vacation house but heard that I wouldn’t be able to get home and took off immediate. He then asked me where my husband was. My husband? I had forgotten all about him. I turned around to go to my husband. The ships on the Colombia river were so huge but very fun to watch and pass by. I came to the stream and realized that the bridge I had just crossed was not very stable. It was an old bridge and it was about to split in the middle and fall into the river. I could not believe it had held all the weight so far. I quickly crossed praying it would hold. It held and I made it across. I made it back to the vacation house just as the rest of them were waking up. Later that day my best friend and I visited an art gallery and she made me show off a poster I had made in high school. As soon as I opened it up to show it off I realized all the errors and what I would have done differently. It was pouring down rain and we were stuck in the rental house. I never found out if the first couple that left had made it home we didn’t have any cell phones in my dream.