Take me to Hawaii

Dream Setting:

A tropical island, probably Hawaii, at an all inclusive resort.

My Dream:

My husband and I, and his family were going on vacation. We got this giant family suit with everyone getting their own room and bath but sharing common space. The first day we went out exploring. We went to the beach and on some trails leading off the beach up into the hills. We saw beautiful ash white cliffs and I was really fit and looked amazing in my swimsuit. My sister in law went hiking farther but my husband and I turned around to hit the beach again. We all met back up at our lodging for lunch. The resort was set up to serve you every meal buffet style. But they had did it a little differently, there was a kitchen and dining room per every 2-3 large family lodgings. That meant that we ate with just 2 other families at most. After we ate, we all split up again and went and did the things we wanted to most. I ended up taking this high school girl to an indoor soccer scrimmage. They were playing in a room just slightly larger than a racquetball quart/room. Something that I used to do as a kid while my mom played racquetball in the quart next to mine. When the game was over everyone else left. We decided to stay a little longer. We did however want to go to the drinking fountain and get some water. The drinking fountain was of course outside the room. We had to keep the door open while everyone was leaving because if it closed we would be locked out. As we were slipping back into the room, an employee told us that if we had not reserved it we could not be in there. It was time for dinner anyways so we left. Back at our dinning room we learned that dinner would be 5 different styles of rice and that was it. When we first checked in we were told that if we had a request we could make it, but it may or may not be fulfilled. I thought it would be worth a try. Who wants to eat a plate full or just flavored white sticky rice? So I said to the man putting the rice out that I had a request. He replied with a bow, “certainly madame, I can pass it along to the chef.” I requested pancakes. He returned to the kitchen to see if the chef could accommodate. He came out with no pancakes but did say that the chef would prepare something extra on the side, based on what he had in stock. A little while later yummy chicken appeared. One of the guys from another family thought making a request was ridiculous and that I should not have done it. He thought me rude I supposed. But I did notice that he ate the chicken that was brought out.


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