Night Time Chase

Dream Setting:

In one of the towns near my child hood home. It was after dark.

My Dream:

My sisters and I were hanging out. My middle sister drives a jeep and the top was down. I am the oldest, she is the middle and then there is the youngest sister. The middle seems to be the one that causes the most trouble in my dreams… and probably in real life too. You know what they say about middle children… Anyways, my middle sister had found this small monkey running around and decided to capture it. The monkey immediately liked her and they were fast friends. The monkey rode on her back and sometimes buckled into her jeep. After what seems like a few hours in dream land, which was probably like 2 seconds in real life, we met up and I got to meet the monkey. As I was making my acquaintance, this giant gorilla, like the size of a tiny home, comes barrelling down the street. Where did this giant gorilla come from? It was heading straight for us. We jump into the jeep and race off thinking we had escaped. Then the gorilla appeared on our left! We tried to hit the gas but could go nowhere. The gorilla had got to the jeep and grabbed it by the roll cage. We had just enough time to slip out of the jeep and run on foot down the road. We saw a giant tree and began climbing. The gorilla was swinging his long arms at us, trying to grab us. We jumped in a building window and ran to the other side and out the door. Of course, this is a dream and the gorilla probably had heat sensitive eyesight or something because as we ran outside we saw the gorilla hot on our trail. We spotted a motorcycle not for away and jumped on it. The key was in the ignition and we zoomed off leaving the gorilla in the dust. We were finally safe.


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