Twin Madness

Dream Setting:

My mothers house before heading to visit my grandparents, over the river and through the woods and over the mountains too.

My Dream:

My mother who has three adult children and no desire for any more, had a freak pregnancy that produced twins. These infants were both boys and born premature. They were really tiny… and one was even smaller than the other. Kind of like a runt situation. I was really excited to meet them so I drove up to mothers house a couple days before our trip to grandma’s. I was surprised at how tiny they really were, I knew they were preemie’s but I was still shocked. My mother had to work so my sisters were babysitting. They decided to go to town and were loading the car when I pulled up. Of course we spent some time catching up and I wanted to meet my brothers so I looked in the car and they were laying in a cardboard shoe box! Where were the car seats?  I scolded my sisters for not using car seats and they fought back. “They are fine in the shoe boxes, mom doesn’t mind.” one said. “Who do you think you are to come here and tell us what to do? You don’t live here anymore.” said another. We bickered back and forth with no resolution. They apparently had decided they had enough from me and marched into the house to call our mother. I was sure my mother wouldn’t let her sons ride in the car with no car seats. To my surprise my mother didn’t care one bit about the car seat situation. As I packed the boys into the house alone, my sisters just left them in the car, my mother pulled up. I was happy to see my mother but I was not happy about the way they were treating the new babies. So my mother told me to back off about the car seats and I came full force down in argument about the safety of infants in the car. We were in a pretty heated discussion and it ended with me asking her if I bought them the proper car seats if she would use them. She said she didn’t know.

After everyone calmed down, except there was no way I was letting this go  but for the moment, we went inside and tried to be civilized. My youngest sister had a white coat that was soaked and hanging behind the wood stove to dry. It started to smoke and then flame burst out the sleeve. I started hitting it and smashing the sleeve to starve the flame. I stopped the fire but some areas of her sleeve started turning blue. There was nothing I could do. The next morning we were heading over the mountains to visit our grandparents, without car seats! My middle sister had planned to go hiking with a friend she used to like, now she despises him, on the way over. So they were going to leave really early in the morning and go hiking and meet us at our grandparents in the afternoon, probably not long after the rest of us show up. That night at my grandparents my husband and I were heading off to the camper for bed and I saw my middle sister unrolling my sleeping bag. It looked like my sleeping bag at least. I asked her if she stole my sleeping bag and she was adamant that she had not. I did find my sleeping bag elsewhere and felt a little silly for accusing her of stealing my sleeping bag, mine was black and hers turned out to be blue.




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