Sleep Over

Real Life Connections:

My husband and I have a few really close couples in our lives. We are planning to take a long weekend this summer and camp together.

Dream Setting:

Two of our close couple friends and us rented a vacation house.

My Dream:

We were all at a rented vacation home somewhere near the Colombia river, maybe near Longview. My dream begins at night when we are all ready to hit the hay. The problem is we didn’t research the sleeping accommodations and  the house was much smaller than we thought it would be. We all found odd places to sleep some on the floor some on the couch and some crammed in the one bed. I think I ended up sleeping on the floor at the foot of the bed. We all had different departure times in the morning so we were all ready and packed to leave. My husband and I were going to be the second ones to leave. In the morning I woke up and thought I was naked and freaked out because there were others sleeping around me. It was a nightmare in a dream. Because of the nightmare I woke up early. I got to send off the first couple leaving. I learned that it had been really stormy last night and that all the roads leading to my house had gotten damaged and washed out. I freaked out and did some quick research on ANY way home. I found an abandoned rail road that had a support bridge over a stream that was still up. I ditched my husband, he was still sleeping and headed off on a bicycle I found. I peddled across the bridge and made it to the rail way. I crossed over the stream and I was home free. Many other people were trying to get home using this method, others on bicycles and in cars. I was having conversation with this one fellow on another bicycle and he asked me where I was going.Although it had been storming all night, it was really sunny right now. I told him I was staying with my husband and some friends in a vacation house but heard that I wouldn’t be able to get home and took off immediate. He then asked me where my husband was. My husband? I had forgotten all about him. I turned around to go to my husband. The ships on the Colombia river were so huge but very fun to watch and pass by. I came to the stream and realized that the bridge I had just crossed was not very stable. It was an old bridge and it was about to split in the middle and fall into the river. I could not believe it had held all the weight so far. I quickly crossed praying it would hold. It held and I made it across. I made it back to the vacation house just as the rest of them were waking up. Later that day my best friend and I visited an art gallery and she made me show off a poster I had made in high school. As soon as I opened it up to show it off I realized all the errors and what I would have done differently. It was pouring down rain and we were stuck in the rental house. I never found out if the first couple that left had made it home we didn’t have any cell phones in my dream.



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