Baby Crazy

Dream Setting:

I was living with a bunch of girls in this big house. Kind of like a sorority arrangement. An acquaintance I once had lived in the house and was pregnant. I also went out to visit my mother at her house.

My Dream:

I was at home hanging out with some of the girls. One of them was pregnant and went into labor. We called the ambulance and they came and picked her up and took her to the hospital. once the baby was born she returned home. It was a quick birth and she was home within 24 hours. It was about 8pm when she got home and it was already dark outside. Of course all of us girls were excited to meet the little baby and hold him. He was really cute! After all the commotion and excitement we all went to bed. In the morning the new mother asked me if I could watch her baby. I said sure. I wasn’t doing anything except going to visit my mother later in the evening. I figured It would only be a couple hours since the baby was only a day old. I was wrong. The mother left and did not mention when she would be back. After those couple hours had gone by I was beginning to wonder where she was. I figured well, whats another hour? So I just patiently waited. Finally I called her and asked her when she might be back. She said she was working and wouldn’t be back until later tonight. I asked if I could take the baby with me and visit my mother. She said that she didn’t care what I did. So I packed up the baby and went to visit my mother. We snuggled the little guy and loved on him. We fed him and took care of him, it was fun. My mother was as shocked as I was to learn that the woman didn’t really care what I did with the baby and that she left her baby with a sitter for so long at such a young age. I had the feeling that the new mother didn’t really know what to do with the child and how to care for it. She wasn’t really the baby loving type and didn’t know much about them. The new mother must have gotten off work early because she showed up at my mothers house. I handed her the baby and she awkwardly took him. She really didn’t even know how to hold him. The baby was abnormally smart for an infant and made noises that almost sounded like words and he could point too. When she picked him up he pointed at me and smiled. Not knowing what to do with him after she grabbed him, we were in conversation and her arms must have gotten tired, she sat him on a ledge. Then to my mothers horror and mine, she let go. She must have thought he could sit their on his own but being just a day old he did not have the strength to sit up on his own let alone support his own head. He fell to the ground and I rushed to pick him up and comfort him. I told her we needed to take him to the doctor to get a checked. She jumped in the car and said lay him on the seat, she was in a rush to get him to the doctor. I still had the baby and said, lets take my car I have the car seat. So we jumped in my car and off we went. It turned out that he had a fracture in his arm and that was it. We were relieved that nothing more serious had happened. It was obvious that the new mother loved her child and didn’t want any harm to come to him, she just didn’t know how to be a mother. She had never held a baby before hers and I guess her maternal instincts hadn’t kicked in. Luckily she lived with a bunch of women that loved babies and knew how to care for them.


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