Landlords Gone Crazy

Dream Setting:

My basement apartment which is different than my real life basement apartment. The landlords house was 5 times bigger than it is in real life.

My Dream:

My husband and I rent a basement apartment from the landlord upstairs. We noticed the landlord began fixing things up all of a sudden. We thought it was odd and wondered what he was up to. We thought he might be getting ready to put his house on the market to sell. We were wrong. He was going to increase the amount of rental space. Besides us in the basement he had 3 other rooms and another suite, all in the basement. His house was huge upstairs too! It was one sunny day when all these people started flooding in. First the suited up with a family of 5, then one bedroom had an elderly couple, and another had a couple college girls. Which is fine, the landlord can rent out whatever part of his home as he likes. Then he came to my room. He asked me if he can rent out another bed in my room. I immediately said no, we don’t have much space as it is and we need our privacy. He tried to argue and persuade me to change my mind, but I really wasn’t willing to cram another bed in my room, especially filled with strangers. He huffed off and went to working on his pool. It wasn’t before too long that his daughters came in and were sad. They are pretty young probably under 10 years old. The were snuggling up to me and asking if I had to leave. I told them that I wasn’t planning on leaving if I don’t have to. Then I reassured them that everything was going to be fine and they even had some new friends to make in the family at the other end of the hall. They were a bit more joyful after that but the landlord, their father, came in and demanded they leave at once. They scurried off and he followed them. Alone in my apartment I decided to take a shower. When I went into what used to be the bathroom I realized that all that banging and racket was my landlord removing my bathroom. Now there was a door to the open garage instead of the shower. I was confused. The landlord was in the garage and I asked him where the bathroom went? He told me to use the other one like all the rest of the new tenants. I had to walk through someones bedroom to get to the bathroom and he had someone renting out the bathroom. He was sleeping in a cot next to the tub/shower. How was anyone supposed to use the bathroom in private when there is a man sleeping in it? When I returned to my room there was an new bed next to mine with 4 people in it! He had done it without my permission, he had rented another bed in my room. I had a rental agreement and I was gonna look at it. Meanwhile I needed those people out. I told them to get out but they would not. I started yelling for them to get out and physically grabbing their arms to try to pull them out the door. Finally I got them out but some how the landlord got in. Now I had to deal with him. I told him he had no right to put another bed in my room and rent it out we had a contract, a deal. He handed me a notice. I had to leave. I asked him why and he told me that the other people were more nice than me. That wasn’t a good enough reason to kick someone out of their home in my opinion but what could I do? I asked him if it was actually about me not wanting other people in my space and he confirmed that was the real reason. I asked him how long I had to find another place and he said just do it as soon as you can! At least I had time to search for a new place. He left and the others sneaked in again… This time I realized I was not going to be able to keep them out, they had keys. So I laid some ground rules. This is my space until I leave, there will be a curtain and it will not be breached, they were not to have sex while anyone else was home, and they were to be quiet. I figured that since there were 4 people sharing a bed that the sex rule would not be an issue, but then one of the girls spoke out, “but I ‘get some’ after every date…” I told her that she would have to stop that habit for the time being. I went back out side I guess to get some privacy, and I found my mother walking up the driveway.  What a lovely surprise. I welcomed her into my home and found that my kitchen had also been swallowed by the garage and I had a camping tent kitchen instead. How thoughtful of the crazy landlord to provide me with such wonderful replacements… NOT! My mother and I went in the ‘kitchen’ for some tea and the landlord knocked it and us over!!! I was so mad, I yelled at him to get out and how dare he do such a thing especially with my mother inside! He was rude and harsh and completely crazy! I chased him out and his daughters started throwing fertilizer and rose bushes on his head. I told my mother what was going on and said that I better move sooner rather than later. I told my landlord that if he does or tries to do something like that again, I would call the police because that is cruel and dangerous and not how you treat someone. I asked my mother what she was doing all the way down in my town, she lives about 2 hours away. She told me she was going on a date. She was wearing a beautiful bright spring flowery dress, it was orange, pink, and yellow.

The end.

Personal Facts:

My actual landlord is very calm and quiet. My mother does NOT date…

That picture is of me standing in front of one of my basement apartments. I have lived in more than one… My husband prefers them to all the other options to rent… I guess because they are cheaper?


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