Escape in India

Dream Setting:

I am in India, part of a community.

My Dream:

I am living in my community in India along a river. The river is not a vert big river. Maybe 15 feet wide, but at least 15 feet deep. There were some of us young teenagers that did not like the community leader. He was a very tan white man with a funny accent. He was also very tall and not thin. He was a very large and intimidating man. A few of us decided that we would try to escape so we jumped in the river. There was a cave hidden among the rocks. If you swam under the rocks you could enter the cave. We tried this approach without success. We tried another approach where we ran off and got on a ship. The community leader followed us and we had to jump overboard. We were pulled back onto the ship and the leader told us to stop running away. He said we were to perform in the community event and would do random checks on me to make sure I wasn’t trying to run away. He must have been a pervert because he would some how always check on me when I was changing and then watch me until I was done. He kept saying that it was so he knew what I was wearing and what I was changing into so I couldn’t slip away. I felt violated and trapped. He brought us back and paired me with a dance partner. My dance partner was several years younger than me and easy to trick. I tried one last time to escape and this time I succeeded. I ran into the hills and found my sister searching for a friend. Together we found a man that knew a song we knew. So we sang it together. It is a country song, Fiddle In The Band by Alabama. After we sang that song together and felt connected my sister followed a lady on a bicycle. The lady could ride straight up hills! My sister finally caught up to her and asked her how she did it. The lady just said she has always done it, if you want to do it you will make it happen. We liked the mountain community we found, away from the creepy leader I once had. The atmosphere was so joyful and bright and pleasant. The grass was greener the trees were healthier and the people were happier.


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