Magical Logs

Dream Setting:

A magical land

My Dream:

I was sitting in my room one day and my shelf started jiggling. The top of it soon filled with logs. I thought this was very strange and must have been magical. Like any curious human I decided to climb to the top of the shelf to look at the logs and see where they came from. When I go to the top the world around me disappeared and I was in a shelf in a different room. This room was also a bedroom. It was about twice as big as mine. Mine was your average room size. The magic room I was in used the shelf as a head board. I climbed down the shelf and explored the room a little. It had a closet and a dressing table. That was it. A very plain open huge room. I went outside, I am very brave, to explore the rest of the house. But there was not ‘rest of the house’. The bed room was it. It was a very pretty place, very soft and beautiful grass, tall pin trees, and flying ducks. There was a lake not far off and you could hear and see the waves lapping at the shore line. Over to my left I heard voices. There were people in this magic land and they were having a council. I joined the council which automatically made me a council woman by magical law. After the council meeting was over I headed back to the room. One of the other council women followed me and asked me where I came from. I told her the city I was from and she didn’t recognize it because we were from different worlds. She walked out of the room and I jumped into the bed to climb the shelf in hopes that I could get home the same way I came. I looked at the top of the shelf and the logs were gone. As I was thinking of how to get home I dropped something under the bed. It was a sweatshirt or something. I climbed under the bed to search for it and I found a bunch of my clothing under there. I bundled them up and pulled them from underneath the bed. When I came back up my 2 younger sisters were on the bed confused and the council woman I was talking to earlier had entered the room again. She said hello to my sisters and then left. Now I had to figure out how to get all of us back home. I decided that we all better climb the shelf and maybe the logs would come and get us. So we began climbing. This shelf was like one of those 10 feet tall, super sturdy book shelves you would find in a castle or mansion or something. I had my 2 sisters go first and I began stuffing my clothing in around them. They were shoved in the top shelf. But there was no room for me on the top shelf and that was the only magical part. The logs came and my sisters disappeared. I was left behind. This time the shelf disappeared too! I was getting ready to worry about how I was going to get back when the shelf appeared with only one of my sisters, the youngest, she said get on and I did. We were then whisked way back to my room safe and sound.


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