High in the Castle


I am a princess, I am married to my real life husband. I live in a castle with my parents the King and Queen and my little brother the prince. In the last part of the dream I have a son. The King, Queen, Prince, and my son are all dream characters.

My Dream:

I was sitting with my husband and brother in the castle one evening. It was a lazy evening and we were just enjoying ourselves. We were doing what any royal family would do… whatever that is. Before long we heard some commotion coming from my brothers bed chambers. When we went to investigate we found the King and Queen locking the door from the outside. My husband and I thought that was strange because usually bed chamber doors locked from the inside… but my brother didn’t think anything of it and retired to his bed chamber anyways. Later in the night the King and Queen entered his room to stab him with a dagger. He hid and all the noise attracted, I am guessing, some castle staff. My brother did not die and the King and Queen left.

My dream flashes forward, although I do not know how far forward. We all look the same, but I have a 5 month old son. Everyone is on good terms and all are alive. My husband and I are outside in the orchard. It was a warm sunny evening. It must have been early summer because there aren’t any fruit on the trees yet. We are enjoying the evening and playing with our son. It was all so sweet. We were laying on a blanket together just enjoying the little bundle of joy we had in our arms.


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