The wedding of Bread

Dream Setting:

My husband and I were invited to a wedding. The Bride and Groom are ‘dream’ characters. There were also many of our real family and friends attending the wedding.

My Dream:

My husband and I received an invitation to a wedding. When we arrived we noticed that many of our friends and family were there. We chose our seat and waited for the ceremony to start. As we were waiting we noticed that the officiant was one of my friends. I was excited to see him officiate his first wedding. The music started and the the wedding party walked down the isle. The bride begins her journey down the isle and I notice that her wedding dress was a bit unusual. It is a bright teal blue lace dress. The kind and ugly step sister would wear in the story of Cinderella. She makes it down the isle and the officiant begins. The ceremony is over in 5 minutes flat. The bride and groom head back down the isle and we all head into the reception. The reception is set up in a traditional format, round tables with the table clothes and water pitchers. Very basic and functional. The best part about the reception was that instead of getting a bag of M&M’s as a keep sake, they made these giant pastry style loaves of bread to give out. When I got mine I was so excited I ate half of it on the spot. I decided not to be a pig and saved the other half for later. I went off and mingled a bit with my mother and sisters, some friends, and said hello to the newly married couple. The evening was winding down and people were starting to leave. I decided to go back to my table and pack up my things, especially the bread. When I returned to my table I found that my loaf of pastry bread was gone! I figured that in an effort to start cleaning up the reception, somebody took my bread and wrapped it up in the kitchen for me. I am now on the hunt for my missing bread. I look in the kitchen and it is gone. I realize that I am going to have to give up on the bread and just go home. At this point I find my husband and tell him that I lost the other half of my bread and that I am sad, but I am ready to go. He responds with, “dear, I ate the other half.” I am livid. How dare he eat the other half of my bread! I was looking forward to eating it so much! I walk off, and as I did I turned to some single young ladies and grumbled to them, “that’s what you get for getting married. Someone to eat your other half of the bread.” Now it is time to go and my husband and I are leaving. As we are walking out the door someone helping with the wedding asked us if we got our bread. I explained that I had got mine and ate some, but my husband ate half of it and that he must not have gotten his. She replied with, “well it was one loaf per invitation.” Boy did I feel silly, I was mad at my husband for stealing his half of our bread.

Personal Reflection of My Dream:

I woke up feeling really silly over the situation. I also laughed at the fact that I made my self feel silly even in my dream. I have found that often times when I do something ridiculous in my dream I always end the dream on a reality check. In this case, the lady explaining how ridiculous I was being, simply by straightening out the deal with the bread. I would never react this way in real life, I just find so much humor in all of it.


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