Pizza Monster

Dream Setting:

Around 11pm. Starts at the pizza shop… and it is closing.

My  Dream:

My husband and I were in the pizza shop. Everyone except us had been served. My husband ordered pizza for himself, then decided to order for me as well. He doesn’t usually chose what I am going to eat for me, but I guess since the pizza shop was closing he figured it would save time. The pizza took a really long time to be served and we had to grab it and run since they were closing. I had only got to eat a little bit of it since we were on the move, we had someplace to be. I figured I would just finish my meal after the event (I have no clue what we were doing so late). In the rush of things my husband thought it would be a great idea to drive my left over pizza all the way to my mothers for safe keeping (she lives about 2 hours from us). I didn’t know where it was. I was, I guess, discombobulated about the whole thing. Finally I mentioned that I was hungry, he told me where it was. I was FURIOUS! How dare he take my pizza all the way to my mothers house so that I couldn’t eat it. I wanted it now and I threw the biggest temper tantrum a wife could throw! I was screaming at him and bawling my eyes out. I even threw in some very naughty expletives for what a stupid idea that was and how he had the nerve to order for me too!

I am pretty sure I yelled something out in my sleep… (not sure what it was, maybe even just a grunt or something) Then I woke up.

Personal Reflection: My husband is a wonderful husband and he would go out of his way to make sure that I am taken care of. Hopefully in real life he doesn’t think that taking my pizza 2 hours away is the best and most loving way to care for me. He laughed when I told him this dream and asked, “did I really take your pizza to your moms? Why would I do that? That is ridiculous.” One never knows why what happens in a dream happens.



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