Abducted by the Mob

Dream Setting:

In a city I do not know, just visiting for a while.

My Dream:

My husband and I were staying at a hotel in a city I do not recall. The hotel was nice and we really liked staying there. There was a gas station not far from the hotel and we noticed that every once in a while a women and her vehicle would go missing from the gas station. Apparently there was a mob problem. We noticed the women was missing because along with the women the mob took 2 of my motorcycles. Realizing what happened I became extremely upset and began plotting. I new that the mob guy would grab the women and whatever vehicle was near and sometimes whatever objects he wanted from the store and take off. Since nobody ever knew what happened to the women they had not caught the guy. One time at the gas station we encountered the mob leader. My husband is 6 feet and 5 inches, which is pretty tall, and he is pretty thin. The mob leader was much taller than my husband and he was skinnier too! The mob leader was wearing a bright yellow track suit and a rolling fabric wardrobe filled with basketballs. The mob leader wanted to play ball. The stakes were high, the mob leader picked a women and gagged her for the game. If he won she went with him. If he lost she was let free. Not playing wasn’t an option. You don’t say no to the mob boss in town. All his goons were packing loaded guns. So it was his men against mine. The mob boss didn’t know that I had been plotting and had a few tricks up my sleeve. I had snipers at the ready if thing didn’t go my way. The game started and it wasn’t too long before something didn’t go his way. A fowl was called on him and he didn’t agree, so he grabbed the girl and started heading off the court. My snipers were at the ready and put a shot into the basketball he was holding. As it deflated in front of his eyes he realized he did not have the upper hand. He began gathering his me to leave. He walked up to me to tell me that this was not the end and that he would be back to settle this score, but another ball in his hand popped. The sniper had taken another shot. I told him that his reign of terror was over and there would be no more women taken or hurt and there would be no more things stolen or he would have to answer to me. If he had to answer to me, it would be more than just his basketballs popping. They untied the women and left.


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