Dream Setting:

At a hotel in a sunny place with my husband and sisters. At the event with my mother, my uncle, my cousin, and my father.

My Dream:

My husband and I were staying at a hotel with my 2 sisters for a church camping event. The hotel was in a small town and it was nice and sunny and warm. My sisters and I decided that we wanted to check out the pool and go for a swim. It was an outdoor pool and, since it was warm out for being 10am, we were excited to jump right in. When we got to the pool we were a little taken aback because it was clear yet murky. The water had these balls of vibrant green slimy things. They looked similar to a frog egg nest but more fluffy. We know it wasn’t a bunch of frog nests. We were looking at the green fluffy slime balls and decided not to swim in the pool. We were considering checking out the state of the hot tub when the pool staff came out to clean the pool. The employee said that they clean the pool out every week and it still looks like that at the end of the week. So I started having a conversation about what they are using to clean it and what chemicals are in the pool. I even helped them remove the slime balls. The employee turned to me and asked, “why do you know so much about pools?” I explained that I used to work at a pool and how¬† my in-laws also had a pool in their back yard. Once it was all clean my sisters and I went swimming. After we were done swimming we went to our church camp out event. My mother, uncle, cousin and father were there. There were of course a large number of people that came to the event as well. I would say several hundred people were there. My family members were all in different areas of the campus because they had been at different classes and such. The center of the campus was a large field and I could pick out my family members all coming from different directions to meet at a central location for the meal. We were going to eat at 2 folding tables put together with folding chairs. The tables were those 8 foot plastic kind. As I walked into the foyer of the building to meet my family I ran into a group of boys all in uniform. They were probably pre-teens. They had an adult male ordering them about. They headed upstairs and I was heading down stairs. When I got their I set my place next to my mother. My youngest sister was sitting at the end of the table. My mother was on her left. I was on her right. My other younger sister was on my mothers left and my cousin was on my right. My uncle had not arrived yet. Since there were 2 tables put together there were several seats yet to be claimed. My father arrived and decided to squeeze his place in the corner between my mother and my youngest sister. Since there wasn’t much room for him there he tried to move my youngest sister to another seat. He was very rude about it and my mother didn’t even want to sit near him. They were divorced. I asked him if he noticed that my sister was sitting there and offered him one of the other seats at the table. He still tried to squish in. I asked him what he was even doing here since he has been dead for 6 years.

Personal Facts:

My mother and father got divorced 5 years before he passed away in a motorcycle accident. When I had this dream it had literally been 6 years since his passing.


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