Strange Christmas

Dream Setting:

Christmas time at my mother’s house.

My Dream:

My Aunt, my mother’s sister, had just had a new baby. A little baby boy. She already had 3 boys so this would make it her 4th boy. Her family all came to my mother’s house for Christmas. All the cousins, My husband and I, my 2 sisters, and my 3 cousins, went to a holiday party. The party had a white elephant gift exchange. I got the oldest of my cousins a nice bundle of sticks. I was really proud of the gift I had gotten him. After the party was over we all heading back to my mother’s house. At my mother’s house the weather had turned bad and it felt like it was Antarctica. Snow and ice everywhere and it was snowing so hard it was like night! When we got inside my mother instructed my youngest sister to make a pie. In response, my sister stuffed her mouth with grapes! She shoved so many grapes inside they got stuck. Meanwhile a goose fell into the kiddy pool, which was filled with water, and froze. At some point in the evening my husband and I ventured back outside to snuggle on the bow of a pirate boat. The boat was only about 30 feet long. The boat was tethered to the shore not at a dock. The oldest of my cousins thought it would be a funny prank to untie the boat. We immediately noticed the slack in the line and hollered out to him. He heard us and realized he had been caught in the act. He pulled us back in and tied the boat up. My aunt, uncle, and 3 younger cousins had to go back to there house. The oldest cousin stayed and hung out longer with our grandparents. My grandparents were going to take him home when they left.


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