Steve Irwin and Bindy!

Dream Setting:

I was in a safari with Steve Irwin and his daughter Bindi.

My Dream:

Steve Irwin and his daughter Bindi and I were hanging out on a safari in Africa. Bindi was an adult. We were visiting some ruins they had found. The ruins were pure white. When we entered the ruins we found a bull that was 20 feet tall! It was just laying there on the grass. We were driving in jeep or something and Steve and Bindi jumped out of the jeep to see the animal. Or should I say beast? They walked towards it and it decided to charge! Steve was thinking quick on his feet and picked up a stick. He threw the stick away from him and the bull chased the stick. The bull picked up the stick and took it back to Steve. He was playing fetch with a giant wild bull. There was a soccer ball in the jeep and Steve switched to playing with the ball instead of the stick. Steve taught the bull how to kick the ball and chase it all by itself.



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