Shots, Guys, Chickens and a missing Duck

Dream Setting:

My family and I were walking along some old train tracks that had been converted to a walking path. It was just before dusk. Later my dream shifts to my mothers house.

My Dream:

My family, my mom, my 2 sisters, and myself, were out on a walk. We chose a path that used to be train tracks but they converted it. It was getting dusk on a warm summer night. Lots of people walk on this trail but we hadn’t seen many people on this trip. We were on our way back, maybe half way to our car, and we saw a man walking towards us. He walked up to us and before we knew it he had a gun out and was shooting! In the commotion I notice that someone got hit in the stomach and another person in the leg. Then, thoomp. I was hit in the back of my head. I felt the life drain out of me. I was dead. My a miracle I came back to life. I stood up and assessed the situation. My dream flashes forwards and we are all in my mother’s house. I was cleaning out a junk drawer and noticed the front door open. In walks a random young man that I don’t know. He was in his early 20’s. He walked in and through the house, straight to my mother’s bedroom. Then another guy walked in and straight to my mother’s bedroom. I tried to ask them what they wanted but they just told me to mind my own business and pushed me aside. Apparently they were good friends with my mother and she was really happy to see them. Outside it is night time. There is a small shed/barn and a chicken and duck coop. There was a large enclosed chicken yard on the south side of the chicken coop. There were white Christmas lights strung through the top of the chicken wire over the chicken yard. One of the ducks had ducklings and had gotten separated from them in the barn. We had to go into the barn, in the dark, and search for the mother duck.



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