Traveling back…

Dream Setting:

15 years ago at my dads mechanic shop my sister and other kids I knew were children. I was an adult.

My Dream:

I was at my dads mechanic shop (he was self employed). I saw my youngest sister. She was about 4 years old. She was having some friends come over, 12 of them. All around her age. If I was a kid in this dream I would be about 8 years old which is how old my best friend at the time was. She was 8 and was 23. My dad came out from his shop and had a big box. He had the pieces for a trampoline. He put the box down and walked back into his shop. My other sister, about 2 years younger than me, is 6 years old. She tried to take the pieces out of the box and assemble them by herself. She failed and mixed up all the pieces. As I look around I see all these toddlers running around. Some had brought their own candy bars and they were stuffing their faces. Some were running around the pieces of the trampoline begging for it to be put together. The trampoline quickly grew grass and moss from its pieces which made the pieces quite soft. It was evident that the trampoline was not going to be put together any time soon, despite the toddlers urging. Then my dad ran out again wanting to show me what he had found in the back. At sometime and without anyone knowing there were giant pillars erected just next to his property. They were building a huge freeway over the town. The pillars were about 5o feet tall and about 15-20 feet in diameter. We looked at the neighbors pasture, right behind his property, to find a horse with legs that were 6 feet long. The horses head stood 15 feet tall!


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