Precious Cargo

Dream Setting:

On a small boat in the waters of another country.

My Dream:

Me, my husband, my sister, and some other people we knew where in another country. We were on a small boat and we had a diamond. A very valuable and precious diamond. We were transporting it from one island to another without the locals suspecting us or trying to steal it from us. As we were floating, navigating the waters some locals would swim up to us and watch us. They must have suspected we had precious cargo because they would send out small parties of 2 people to interrupt us. I say interrupt because they did not attack us in a violent or vicious manner. Their attacks were more like questioning. After awhile we finally made it to our destination, a gift shop, and sneaked the diamond through the store. This was difficult because the workers all bombarded you and tried to get you to buy something. There were so many salesmen begging you to buy something that you could not walk 3 steps without interruption. In the end we made it through the store and delivered the precious diamond.



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