Take over of the In-Laws

Dream Setting:

My husband and I flew to Texas to visit his sister then returned to our home in Oregon to find his brother moving in.

My Dream:

My husband and I went to visit my sister in-law for a weekend trip. She lives across the country so we took a plane. When we landed the attendant told us that they had just passed a law the day before requiring any visitor to stay for at least one week. She said that since we bought our tickets before the law was passed our return flight tickets would be honored in one week. My sister in-law had also moved from one apartment complex to another, and we didn’t know where. We did know that she had moved to an area that had art along the streets and it was sketchy. When we got there it reminded me of a village in Honduras or Mexico. The parking garage was unlocked and the door was opened but the exit was padlocked. So you could go in but you could not get out, if you followed the little painted direction arrows. The parking garage was made out sheet metal. My dream fast forwards to our return home. We get home and had to rearrange our furniture to make room for a twin sized bed. The bed was for my brother in-law. He was moving in. I complained to my husband about his brother moving in. We would have less privacy and random pre-teen and early teen-agers were running around and asking us if we wanted to play board games.

Personal Reflection:

This dream is interesting because it involves both of my husbands siblings. The really interesting thing about this dream is that my brother in-law moved into my home. I live in a studio basement that I rent from the house owner which lives above me. There really would have been NO privacy. Definitely something me and my husband would not have liked since we had only been married for less than 6 months at the time I had this dream. The picture above is an actual floor plan of what my dream was like.



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