Dam, Bell, Lederhosen

Dream Setting:

A 2 hour road trip, a stay at a hotel, and a contest held at a convention center in Portland, Oregon. All the characters in my dream are based on people I actually know. I will be using pseudonyms.

My Dream:

My husband and I were on a short road 2 hour trip. We were heading to our home town for a visit. About half way we found a series of small dams where you can scuba dive through the fish elevator’s, no not ladder’s… elevator’s (spoiled fish). They also had a small hotel with 5 rooms. We decided to stay the night. My in-laws joined us. This hotel was big on being punctual. They served dinner for free… but only for 10 minutes. With such a short time frame, I missed dinner. Instead I spent the rest of the evening hanging out with some old friends from the pool I used to work at. My best friend and I played the arcade racing game, while holding her new born son. After the stay in the tiny hotel, we decided to go to Portland, Oregon to assist my sister and her friend Cordelia compete in a competition. They had to measure the circumference of the Liberty Bell. The contestants go one at a time to talk to the judge. The judge asks them about themselves and then shows them how to measure. Once they are done talking they can measure the bell. After all the contestants have gone (there was a huge line of like 100 people) the winner is announced based on the accuracy of the measurement. You did not have to be present tow in. In the line of contestants we saw an acquaintance we had back in college. He was there with his date and they were both 7 feet tall, dressed in giant blue clogs and lederhosen. They also had those famous hats they wear in the Alps.


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